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We do not make transponder keys.

Welcome to All Access Locksmith!

We unlock vehicles but we do not make transponder keys.

Our emergency locksmith services provide quick service around the clock 24/7. Serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, our emergency lockout team is on call 24 hours a day! We are compassionate about your needs and provide the same services to you as we would our own families.

Most of us never stop to think that we???ll be in that dreaded situation of being locked out of our home, office, or car. But the truth be told, there will be that one moment for some of us when we???ve locked ourselves out or we???ve misplaced our car keys. It???s this time when our minds have been set in panic mode. Not only are you not in the ideal situation, but now you must try to find a locksmith. And as we all know; this mishap can occur at any time of the day-or night. You are panic struck and now must find an available locksmith at an hour of inconvenience. You???ve reached voice mail with no avail. Or your phone call has been returned by a non-local phone number. Who are you dealing with? Are you dealing with an honest reputable locksmith? Perhaps you are, or maybe not. There???s really no way of knowing who you???re dealing with. That???s why it???s important to have a name and number of a reputable locksmith on hand, long before you may actually need one.

All Access Locksmith is here to provide you with outstanding service, any time of the day! Accidentally lock your keys in the car and its 3 AM? Allow us to come to your rescue! Loose your office keys? We can help you get to work so you don???t lose any down time. No job is too large for us.

Why choose All Access Locksmith? Our automotive locksmith and security services are equipped with one of the most advanced computerized technological systems. All of our locksmiths are professionally certified and insured. Our highly skilled team of locksmiths is available to answer any questions and provide you with all of your residential or commercial security needs- as quickly and efficiently as possible.