Pan-Asian. Long before it become commonplace, San Francisco's Betelnut was melding flavors from throughout Asia. This San Francisco restaurant continues to pack in a crowd more than a decade after it opened. The sexy bar, Asian cuisine and tantalizing pints only add to Betelnut's appeal. For a night of drinking and authentic food, Betelnut promises to satisfy.

Betelnut is one of the best Asian fusion restaurants in town for sure. Although getting there may pose a few problems. There are always lines and the person doing the seating always seems to take pleasure in making you wait a few extra minutes. If that's what you encounter, don't fret, the food is worth the hassle.

The dishes are served family style and it fits with the overall theme of the place. Meet with friends, possibly a romantic interest or a reunion, the atmosphere is animated, lively and warm. There are lots of people drinking tropical drinks: do you like neon green or rum & fruit juice?

Back to the food: From the small plates, try the seasoned chicken topped with pine nuts, served with shells of iceberg lettuce leaves. Eat it like a taco. Delicious. The skewered chicken BBQ is very tasty as are the green papaya salad and crab spring rolls.

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