The birth of Butter was perhaps the peak moment in the White Trash revolution. More than a few tater tots and microwaved White Castle burgers are served up at this San Francisco bar's in-trailer kitchen, and can be gracefully washed down with a Pabst. Or a dram of Scotch. (Review: Michael Stabile)
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Butter's bar was created from the ground up, with a constant eye on providing the perfect complimentary beverage pairings to our unique cuisine. We serve only the freshest Pabst Blue Ribbon on tap and a wide selection of 16 oz. tallboy canned beers.

Also exclusively available at Butter, are a host of cocktails prepared with nutritious Grape and Strawberry sodas for our increasingly health conscious clientele.

Butter also features our infamous R.V. - quite possibly the most generous pour of Red Bull & Vodka in town.

Butter is unparalleled in our ground breaking application of the latest in radiated cuisine. Tasty, homecooked selections just like your babysitter used to make.

Utilizing multiple microwaves, our trailer chef is capable of a dazzling array of dishes skillfully prepared using just the right power settings and timing sequences.

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