Paladar Café Cubano

Paladar Café Cubano

Latin soulful cooking. Serving lunch in San Francisco's Financial District.

Experience a taste of Cuba in downtown San Francisco at Paladar Café Cubano.
Cuban cuisine – a fusion of Spanish, African, and indigenous Caribbean cuisines – features a variety of sautéed or slow-cooked dishes flavored with aromatic sofrito (a sautéed blend of garlic, onion and oregano) or mojo (a marinade of garlic, olive oil and citrus juices).

We specialize in authentic traditional favorites including:

lechón asado (marinated roast pork) . congrí (black beans & rice) . yuca (cassava) . picadillo (ground beef with olives & raisins) . sandwich cubano (hot pressed roast pork, ham & swiss sandwich) . mariquitas y mojo (plantain chips with garlic dip) . camarones al ajillo (garlic sautéed shrimp). fricase de pollo (braised chicken with capers, raisins, potatoes & carrots) . plátanos maduros (fried sweet plantains) . flan (caramel custard) . cafecito cubano (Cuban style coffee).

Our San Franciscan spirit embraces our Cuban flavors. We use organic products and support local sustainable agriculture whenever possible.

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