Phở Huỹnh Hiệp 2 - Kevin & Chris's Noodle House

Phở Huỹnh Hiệp 2 Kevin & Chris's Noodle House

This place makes a great dish you can find at almost any Vietnamese restaurant, pho. Maybe there isn't a difference between the Vietnamese place in your neighborhood, but as you know, it's definitely the cook that makes the difference and whatever they're doing at Pho Hoa-Hiep II is right on track.

For those who haven't tried pho, it is a beef broth with vermicelli. Bean sprouts, basil, and lemon are added with thin sliced beef. It cooks in the broth which is scalding. It's delicious once it's cooled a bit and everything is cooked up. Many people add a little bit of soy sauce and/or chili to spice it up.

Forget about that sub sandwich diet, if you want a nutritious meal that won't add too many calories to you handles, try this. A medium-size bowl is sufficient for an average person's appetite.

No alcohol or reservations.