Saigon Sandwich

Saigon Sandwich

Making the best banh mi in North America! People have traveled from around the world to San Francisco's famous and iconic Saigon Sandwich. Read more below.

The ONE and ONLY SAIGON SANDWICH (San Francisco, California, USA).
Saigon Sandwich has received impressive coverage in the NEW YORK TIMES, Los Angeles Times, Chef's Feed video on Virgin America Airline flights, USA TODAY, Huffington Post, Esquire Magazine, Food & Wine Magazine, Travel+ Leisure Magazine, Playboy Magazine, 7x7 SF Magazine, ABC 7 A-List, NBC Bay Area, Eater SF "Most Iconic Sandwiches," SF Bay Guardian, TripAdvisor, Best of Yelp (2000+), Foodspotting, ZAGAT's Best SF Sandwiches and much more!

From Hawaii, to Seattle, to Philadelphia, to Miami, to Washington DC, to New York City and London, people have traveled to San Francisco's famous Saigon Sandwich. See links below.* IT'S A LONG LIST BELOW SO SCROLL DOWN. We warned you! ;-)

WHERE CHEFS EAT - an international guide book by author Joe Warwick.
"Saigon Sandwich once again serving some of the best bánh mì in NORTH AMERICA!" - page 504.

Eater SF: "San Francisco's Most Iconic Sandwiches"

Eater SF: "20 Epic SF Sandwiches To Eat Before You Die!"

Chef's Feed App: Three of our sandwiches were selected 4 times by San Francisco's Top Chefs.
"With over 500 contributing chefs from the best dining cities in the country, Chefs Feed is a restaurant guide full of good taste. Our contributing chefs are the cream of the crop, chosen discriminately by the Chefs Feed editorial team for their contributions to the culinary world." -Chef's Feed.
Download Apple's Best of 2012 App, 2013 Webby Award Winner:

Chef's Feed Video: Features our banh mi and airs on Virgin America flights:

Best of Yelp: "Best of Vietnamese"

Yelp Reviews (2000+):

TripAdvisor: Reviews from travelers from around the world!
"Best banh mi in the USA. Oh how I love saigon sandwich. It has never failed me and I've been going there every time I visit san fran for the last decade or more," - Sally from Chicago.

New York Times: "...Best Banh Mi in America."

Los Angeles Times: "Banh Mi Lovers Rejoice Saigon Sandwich"

USA Today | Top Sandwich Shops: Travelers pick Saigon Sandwich as their favorite in San Francisco!

10Best | Trusted Advice for Travelers Saigon Sandwich made the 10Best list for take-out!

7x7 SF: "San Francisco's Great Meatballs: A Cultural Tour" names Saigon Sandwich!
"Xiu Mai - In Vietnam, meatballs can be found bobbing in pho, or stuffed into banh mi sandwiches with the usual accompaniments of pickled carrots, jalapenos, cilantro and a slab of pate. Here in the Tenderloin, Saigon Sandwich (560 Larkin St.) serves up a truly authentic rendition..."

7x7 SF: "The Big Eat 2012" List #22 (also listed in 2011, 2010, 2009).

7x7 SF: "The Big To-Do SF - 100 Things To Do Before You Die!" List #25

7x7 SF: "20 Best Dishes Under $10 in the Tenderloin + TenderNob."

7x7 SF: "Obsessed - Sharon Ardiana of Gialina on Banh Mi Sandwiches at Saigon Sandwich."

7x7 SF: "Daniel Hyatt is obessed with sandwiches, favorite at Saigon Sandwich."

ABC 7 A-LIST: "Top Five Best Vietnamese Food."

Broke Ass Stuart: "...for most folks who care about good sandos, Saigon Sandwich is the nexus and the acme."

Esquire Magazine: "The Best Sandwiches in America."

Firstbite.Tv | "Best Vietnamese Sandwich in San Francisco"

Food & Wine | San Francisco Food Obsession:

Foodspotting: "Best of San Francisco."

Food & Wine Magazine: "America's 75 Best Food Buys."

Flavorpill: Editor's Pick - "Saigon Sandwich in the Tenderloin is among the very best...perfectly crafted banh mi."

Grubstreet: "Saigon Sandwiches make Playboy A-List."

Huffington Post: "The fight for the best Vietnamese sandwich (bahn mi) in San Francisco is a fierce one. But many argue that Saigon Sandwich is the best." - Huffington Post

KQED Bay Area Bites: "Saigon Sandwich Tet Celebration"

NBC Bay Area: "Bite This San Francisco Treat!"

Panini Happy's "Great American Sandwich Guide"

Playboy Magazine: "Men's magazine rates Vietnamese sandwich one of best in the country."

SFist: "If you really want some delish banh mi for half the price though, head over to Saigon Sandwich at Larkin and Eddy, but you probably already knew that."

SF Bay Guardian: "Best Vietnamese Sandwich."

SF Weekly Best of San Francisco: "Best Meal Under $5."

Travel+Leisure Magazine: "America's Summer of Sandwiches."

Travelsort: "20 Best Cities in the World for Foodies."
"Head to Saigon Sandwich on Larkin; sure, it’s take out only, no seating, but one bite of these killer banh mi sandwiches, with succulent marinated roasted pork, pate, and fresh veggies on fresh crusty baguette…let’s just say you can thank me later."

Zagat: "10 Killer Sandwich Shops in San Francisco."

Zagat: "Best San Francisco Bay Area Sandwiches."



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