Thanh Long

Vietnamese. A Vietnamese delicacy, "Drunken Crab" (and especially Thanh Long's secret family recipe) is a standout dish at this small, always-packed Sunset neighborhood Vietnamese restaurant. When San Francisco's crab season begins, locals flock. The first An family restaurant and home of their Secret Kitchen, Thanh Long opened in 1971 when grandmother Diana bought a 20 seat Mom and Pop diner in the quiet, oceanside Sunset area of San Francisco. In 1975, when the entire family arrived after fleeing the Communist take-over of South Vietnam, Diana's quaint establishment became the beginning of the now multi-million dollar restaurant empire. At its opening it was hailed as San Francisco's first Vietnamese restaurant and the crowds that include fans Harrison Ford and Danny Glover, regulars since before achieving their star status, have been packing Thanh Long ever since, enjoying its signature dishes, Roasted Crab and Garlic Noodles with Tiger Prawns, also featured at the other An Family restaurants. Thanh Long, a humble establishment 30 years ago, with an expansion that included moving into the neighboring video and barber shop, now delights 100's of customers nightly.
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