The Mauna Loa Club

The Mauna Loa Club, located in the Marina District is justifiably popular with the locals. It doesn't emanate a 'yuppie vibe' like the Balboa Café, but does exude its own individual charm and appeal. There's a section near the main bar for people to congregate and network while the back of the club shelters a second bar and pool table.

You'll be pleased to find that the ratio of men to women at the Mauna Loa is equally balanced. The majority of the patrons at the bar are outgoing folk in their twenties and thirties who are extremely friendly and well... amusing. Dress attire is basically office casual; you won't find a three-piece suit at this bar!

For those who are venturing into the Marina District for the first time, be forewarned. Parking is hard to come by and you'll need patience when driving around the same block praying for an empty space to suddenly appear.

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