Yummy, Healthy & Handy! - Onigilly [Oh-Knee-Ghee-Lee] is traditional Japanese food made with brown rice and gourmet filling wrapped with seaweed

ONIGILLY [Oh-KNEE-ghee-lee] is a traditional Japanese fast food known as onigiri, rice ball wraps with over 2,300 years of history once carried by samurai to eat during war. Made with pressed rice and a gourmet filling wrapped in seaweed, onigiri is one of the most commonly consumed daily foods in Japan, similar to the sandwich in the US. Not only is it more popular than sushi in Japan, it is also much healthier, using pure rice with no additives. Handy and fast, ONIGILLY can be eaten at anytime and anywhere, as a snack or as a full meal.

To provide delicious, healthy, and convenient food to help contribute to better eating habits in America. Our food is fresh-made to order with a choice of gourmet fillings. We promote healthy and sustainable practices, using natural, organic, and locally produced ingredients, California-grown brown rice, and 100% compostable or recyclable packaging. Our vision is to expand into a national brand, with stores throughout the country.

We started this business in 2007 with the goal to bring onigiri, Japan's favorite comfort food, to America. We created ONIGILLY based on the motto "handy, delicious, and healthy." After entering the incubation program at La Cocina in 2009, we started running a street food cart in 2010. Finally, in September, 2012, we opened our first restaurant. We plan to expand our restaurant to include Izakaya-style evening dining starting in early 2013.

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